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About Pitch Positive Pledge

The Pitch Positive Pledge brings together ISBA, the IPA, their members and intermediaries to focus on making the process more intentional, accountable and responsible for both advertisers and agencies.

Previous pitch guides have focussed on the ‘how to’ without due consideration to the human and environmental costs. This initiative seeks to address that by focussing on the ‘why and when to’ providing a new perspective on the ‘how to’.

We believe this pledge will drive better outcomes including more transparency, better mental health and so better quality work, fewer costs and less wastage.

Sign the Pledge

Our thanks

A message from Julian Douglas and Andrew Lowdon, founders and authors of the Pitch Positive Pledge:

This journey began in Autumn 2021 but it would not have been completed without all the support we received along the way. In the beginning there were the ‘off the record’ conversations; invaluable, pitch-shaping advice given freely and in anonymity.

Advice without which we would not have reached our first landmark, the RENEW Conference in January 2022. From here the support and input only grew and became more public: the focus groups, the one-to-one meetings and the broader discussion sessions.

Finally resulting in a new, groundbreaking initiative, the Pitch Positive Pledge. So to all those agencies and advertisers that have taken the time to input and review, to ensure that future pitches do indeed change for the better - for both agencies and advertisers - we offer our sincere thanks.

Julian Douglas

IPA, President 2021-23
VCCP, Vice Chairman & International CEO

Andrew Lowdon

ISBA, Director of Agency Services

The contributors

We would like to recognise the contribution from agencies, advertisers, intermediaries and consultants. You will see a few of those contributors listed here but for a myriad of reasons including, commercial confidence, competition, current pitchers, and off the record discussions, we can only name a few. The contribution of all those involved was and remains highly valued.



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