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Pitch Positive Pledge


to the Pitch

Positive Pledge

Pitches have become more frequent, more complex and costlier to both the agency and the advertiser. This approach is generating a lot of unnecessary work and effects people, profit and the planet adversely.

There is no doubt, the process can be exhilarating and a powerful tool for showcasing capabilities, realising new ideas and ultimately developing a mutually beneficial partnership. We are not seeking to change or put the focus on the pitch process. We are seeking to make pitching a more positive experience for all those involved. Pitching should not become the default option with all the associated costs to people, planet and profit.

The need for change is real and the time to act is now.

The Pitch Positive Pledge is designed to help both clients and agencies enhance the existing pitch process by focusing on behaviours in a bid to improve mental health, cause less wastage and reduce costs.

Sign the Pledge

Running a Positive Pitch will benefit all parties:

The benefits are

By signing up to the Pitch Positive Pledge you are demonstrating your intentions to initiate the industry step change required to transform pitching, making it intentional, accountable and more effective.

We’ll be surveying regularly to benchmark and track industry progress.

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